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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Ignoble End Of The J. Geils Band

Greetings to everyone surfing over from Jefito today - welcome and please, pull up a seat.

Seriously, you're gonna wanna sit down for this one. And don't judge me.

We've talked about the unfortunate final fate of The J. Geils Band here before, but there's an additional little footnote to add to the story. After ...Odd's resounding belly flop, the group was tapped to contribute the theme to the classic '80s vampire-fest Fright Night. "Fright Night"the song was yet another tilt towards total novelty for the group, a gimmicky, somewhat embarrassing affair with a Seth Justman vocal just this side of sleepwalking - I will say I'm sort of a sucker for the squiggly synth hook in the chorus, though. There was a video complete with movie clips that I can't find online anywhere to share (no loss), but all the band got for their final recorded effort was two weeks in the Hot 100 and a puny peak at #91. An ignoble end to one of rock's funkier combos.

As a bonus/punishment, here's the Extended Dance Mix for "Concealed Weapons". Enjoy it/hate me forever for it!

"Fright Night" peaked at #91 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985.

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